Parador De Cordoba La Arruzafa Hotel
Avda. de la Arruzafa, 37, Córdoba 14012 - a 2,7 km del centro

* Regarding cuisine, the restaurant's most typical dishes are el gazpacho de almendras (a cold vegetable soup) los huevos esparragaos (an egg dish), el estofado de rabo de toro (a meat stew), el pastel cordobes, and the cheese of los pedroches. Its wines, Moriles and Montilla, are good quality and well known.* The rooms are bright; most of them with views to the city. All rooms are very well looked after and are fully equipped and spacious..Parador Cordoba Hotel rises over a small hill surrounded by such vegetation that the aroma invades everywhere. It was inaugurated in 1960 and has been refurbished in a couple or more occasion, always in perfect condition. The hotel offers an exceptional panoramic view of the legendary city of the Caliphs. The building brims over with freshness. This well-being feeling, is accentuated thanks to its swimming pool and to the surrounding gardens, where the first palm trees of Europe are located. The inner rooms are elegant and very bright, with large living rooms and spacious bedrooms. The decoration mixes the Arabic with the Andalusian: earthy colors, wood floors and an abundance of plants..Parador Cordoba Hotel is located in a residential zone in the outskirts of Cordoba, over the ruins of the small summer palace of Abderram'n I. Approximately 3 kilometers from the urban center.
  • · Jardín
  • · Sala de conferencias
  • · Sala de televisión
  • · Restaurante
  • · Picnic
  • · Terraza
  • · Instalaciones para barbacoa
  • · Biblioteca
  • · Piscina exterior climatizada
  • · Tenis
  • · Aparcamiento vigilado
  • · Personal multilingüe
  • · Prensa
  • · Snack / Bar junto piscina
  • · Sala de reuniones
  • · Centro de negocios
  • · Aparcamiento
  • · Limpieza en seco y lavandería
  • · Ascensor

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Parador De Cordoba La Arruzafa Hotel - Avda. de la arruzafa, 37, Córdoba 14012

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