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Hotel Casa Magica

paseo de la presa 79-a guanajuato, guanajuato, 36000, mexico| 902 515 555 | +34 93 269 11 26
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Casa Magica features the facilities and accommodations guests need to enjoy a tranquil and comfortable stay. This colonial style property displays a variety of artful details for you to admire throughout, combining beautiful design with excellent services and features. It is a wonderful place to stay for your next visit to the attrac ...
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Number of rooms : 0 Rooms

Check in: 3:00pm

Check out: 1:00pm

Pets: The hotel does not permits pets

Internet: The hotel has WIFI internet for guest use


paseo de la presa 79-aguanajuato, guanajuato, 36000, mexico

24 hr. Customer service. Hotelius customer service agents will gladly attend your request 24hrs a day on the following phone numbers, 902 515 555 or +34 93 269 11 26 if you are calling from outside of Spain.

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